I’ve always found these  a bit boring! Either it’s very generic or makes you sound like you on a dating site. But I guess I still have to introduce myself…..

Hello… I’m a young future leader of America. I’m the generation that everyone seems  ashamed of, But ANYWHO , we can save that for another entry. I am a mother to an amazing 4-year-old, who doesn’t have a MUTE button. And an amazing wife/friend who has been by my side for several years. If you haven’t connect the dots yet.. yes I am a


If your still reading your either A) confused B) interested or C) bored or D) getting ready to burn the gay flags lol… A B  C or D is completely fine with me. I feel like I’m ranting now so to sum it all up I will be discussing my opinions on pretty much anything that comes to mind. If you have any questions that you want me to speak on or even chat with my about message me on the site or email( I think I publicized both names, if not [ opinionated14 and])


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