WORK!!!!!!! AHH

I’m back to work from being a little under the weather. I have to be honest, I actually prefer to be sick then be here! I know you’re probably reading this like she being dramatic and you know what maybe I am but I absolutely loathe this job.  I wake up in the morning drag myself out of the bed; practically drown in the shower, and drive under the speed limit just to prolong my time away from this place!! I hate it here. Yes, I know I should be counting my blessings for having a job but it is so hard to keep that reality in my head. It’s not even the job or the actual work that bothers; it’s the policies and different rules they try to implement at the company. Believe me I understand things change, situations happen. But they just don’t understand how to release them. For example;

We come in one morning, 7 AM, and find that in the front office at the receptionist desk there are boxes full of coffee cups. Not new cups but old, used and dirty cups. So of course I’m like WTH is going on? But I didn’t pay it any mind until I got to my desk.  I went to grab my coffee cup and IT WASN’T THERE! So of course I looked around to check if someone borrowed it but nothing. So to make a long story short everyone got a mass email stating that there was new carpet put in the previous night and any drinks that were not clear were thrown out. Also to include cups! The email continued to state if you have a coffee cup or anything without a twist top to include bowls, they were to be retrieved from the front desk before 8AM or else it would be discarded.


It was in that nasty ass box of used, dirty cups and bowls. WHY GO ABOUT IMPLEMENTING A POLICY THIS WAY! It’s just rude, I can name several different situations that this company as acting out in this way. They find nothing wrong with it. What do you think? Am I just a little butt hurt that I had to buy another cup? –Lol- Do you agree with me? Have you experienced something like this? Talk to me



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