Berrendo Middle School shooting

By now I believe everyone has heard about the Berrendo Middle School shooting. I’ve read several reports about the incident from CNN, CBS, NY Daily News just to name a few. I wish I had something uplifting to say but I don’t…

After reading these reports it doesn’t seem like the seventh-grade suspect had a motive. There are rumors going around that he was bullied and tormented by students but nothing supports that. CNN has a line in their report from one of the shooter friends and it simply says, He wasn’t bullied and “he just ran in there and just shot, really,”. The “suspected” shooter even went as far as warning some of his “friends” not to come to school because he was going to shoot. SMH!

I’m glad that I read the official reports by these stations versus opinionated snippets because I was going to get on here and GO OFF. The few paragraphs that I read practically said that the two victims in this shooting caused it on themselves.  AND THAT’S NOT THE CASE.  Don’t get me wrong bullying is not ok nor is it a new thing that’s happening. But why are they already trying to make a case for this child by defending his actions and the victims , one shot in the FACE AND NECK and the other shot in the shoulder, aren’t even out of the HOSPITAL!

They interviewed the suspect’s parents and their like…. We don’t know where he got a 22- GAUGE SHOTGUN FROM. WHAT THE FUCK!!!! REALLY! This worries me because I am relocating my family to New Mexico. And we do have a young child that will be in school.

What the hell is this world becoming when you can’t even send your children to school without worrying about their safety? What set this kid off? Was it lack of supervision from the parents? The school?  Or is this going to be another case of blaming video games or media for this incident….?



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