“Lesbian Erotica” by Eva Masters, Reunion a Love Story


So –LOL- I can’t stop smiling so hard. I just read “Lesbian Erotica” by Eva Masters, Reunion a Love Story. And um … DAMN! This is definitely something that I should have read while I was at home with my lady. Cause um…… DAMN! Lol, this book is like a lesbian remixed version of Zane. Don’t get it twisted there is only one Zane, but with this book Eva Masters is on the same line. I have never read any books by Eva Masters but by the looks of this one I wouldn’t mind. I only did a little preview passage but I want more of an input on it before I actually buy it.

I love having books such as this one that focuses on the LGBTQ community. I also heard that Zane came out with a book for Lesbians. I’m going to read up on that one as well. Have you read this book? How was it and is it worth buying? What other books are out there like that? Because lesbian want to read erotica books to… at least I do lol.

Signed the Dominant Lesbian whose wife holds out A LOT! lol