Why Can’t We Muster More Courage For Persecuted LGBTQ People in Africa?

Jeri’s Trans/LGBTQIA Queer Reflections From The City Different - Santa Fe, NM

image There has been a huge international outcry against Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law and rightly so. Sadly, the outcry against what’s happening in Nigeria and Uganda has not measured up. Right now, in Nigeria, new anti-LGBTQ legislation passed and signed in the dead of night has unleashed not a wave of protest but rather vigilantes who are singling out suspected gays and beating them up. Mobs have become so unruly that they are demanding immediate execution of those arrested in the Islamic areas where the local Sharia-based justice system is already threatening to kill those convicted. Yes that’s right the mobs want to execute gays without them even being convicted in a rabidly homophobic court.

In Nigeria there are potential targets for boycotts and protests. Nigeria is a large exporter of oil. Yet, I have not heard any calls for a boycott of Western companies involved in the Nigerian oil industry…

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Happy Vday

Happy Valentines day everyone. I don’t necessarily understand why most people, including my wife, find today to be so important but I guess I can still send out love. I know I haven’t been writing and updating anything but I’ve been super busy with school and work and we’ll… LIFE! But I am definitely reading all the post that people have been writing and it’s been interesting. This page also posts on my FB and I am going to get back to all those who wrote me messages. ( don’t fear I won’t post my reply publicly unless you ask. We’ll back to work I go.

Peace.. And wish my well as my wife spends all our money tonight!

P.S. I’ll get to the yahoo messenger as we’ll

Long Beach’s transgender youth gaining recognition – The Orange County Register

Jeri’s Trans/LGBTQIA Queer Reflections From The City Different - Santa Fe, NM

Long Beach, California is becoming more welcoming for Transgender Youth…


This is a dilemma faced less often by Transgender students thanks to California’s Transgender Students’ Rights Law

Students face tough questions in Long Beach schools every day. But one question advocates hope they never have to ask is, “Am I safe using the bathroom?”

This month, an anti-discrimination bill, AB 1266, went into effect to allow students to use facilities and participate in activities that are consistent with the gender they identify with. That includes bathrooms, locker rooms, sports teams and competitions, regardless of the gender listed on the student’s school records.

Though the number of trans youth in Long Beach schools is unknown, Ethan LoBianco, 18, said there is a robust community of trans students at Wilson High School, where he’s a senior.

As a transgender student, LoBianco faced a question of whether or not he would be accepted…

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Berrendo Middle School shooting

By now I believe everyone has heard about the Berrendo Middle School shooting. I’ve read several reports about the incident from CNN, CBS, NY Daily News just to name a few. I wish I had something uplifting to say but I don’t…

After reading these reports it doesn’t seem like the seventh-grade suspect had a motive. There are rumors going around that he was bullied and tormented by students but nothing supports that. CNN has a line in their report from one of the shooter friends and it simply says, He wasn’t bullied and “he just ran in there and just shot, really,”. The “suspected” shooter even went as far as warning some of his “friends” not to come to school because he was going to shoot. SMH!

I’m glad that I read the official reports by these stations versus opinionated snippets because I was going to get on here and GO OFF. The few paragraphs that I read practically said that the two victims in this shooting caused it on themselves.  AND THAT’S NOT THE CASE.  Don’t get me wrong bullying is not ok nor is it a new thing that’s happening. But why are they already trying to make a case for this child by defending his actions and the victims , one shot in the FACE AND NECK and the other shot in the shoulder, aren’t even out of the HOSPITAL!

They interviewed the suspect’s parents and their like…. We don’t know where he got a 22- GAUGE SHOTGUN FROM. WHAT THE FUCK!!!! REALLY! This worries me because I am relocating my family to New Mexico. And we do have a young child that will be in school.

What the hell is this world becoming when you can’t even send your children to school without worrying about their safety? What set this kid off? Was it lack of supervision from the parents? The school?  Or is this going to be another case of blaming video games or media for this incident….?



“Lesbian Erotica” by Eva Masters, Reunion a Love Story


So –LOL- I can’t stop smiling so hard. I just read “Lesbian Erotica” by Eva Masters, Reunion a Love Story. And um … DAMN! This is definitely something that I should have read while I was at home with my lady. Cause um…… DAMN! Lol, this book is like a lesbian remixed version of Zane. Don’t get it twisted there is only one Zane, but with this book Eva Masters is on the same line. I have never read any books by Eva Masters but by the looks of this one I wouldn’t mind. I only did a little preview passage but I want more of an input on it before I actually buy it.

I love having books such as this one that focuses on the LGBTQ community. I also heard that Zane came out with a book for Lesbians. I’m going to read up on that one as well. Have you read this book? How was it and is it worth buying? What other books are out there like that? Because lesbian want to read erotica books to… at least I do lol.

Signed the Dominant Lesbian whose wife holds out A LOT! lol


WORK!!!!!!! AHH

I’m back to work from being a little under the weather. I have to be honest, I actually prefer to be sick then be here! I know you’re probably reading this like she being dramatic and you know what maybe I am but I absolutely loathe this job.  I wake up in the morning drag myself out of the bed; practically drown in the shower, and drive under the speed limit just to prolong my time away from this place!! I hate it here. Yes, I know I should be counting my blessings for having a job but it is so hard to keep that reality in my head. It’s not even the job or the actual work that bothers; it’s the policies and different rules they try to implement at the company. Believe me I understand things change, situations happen. But they just don’t understand how to release them. For example;

We come in one morning, 7 AM, and find that in the front office at the receptionist desk there are boxes full of coffee cups. Not new cups but old, used and dirty cups. So of course I’m like WTH is going on? But I didn’t pay it any mind until I got to my desk.  I went to grab my coffee cup and IT WASN’T THERE! So of course I looked around to check if someone borrowed it but nothing. So to make a long story short everyone got a mass email stating that there was new carpet put in the previous night and any drinks that were not clear were thrown out. Also to include cups! The email continued to state if you have a coffee cup or anything without a twist top to include bowls, they were to be retrieved from the front desk before 8AM or else it would be discarded.


It was in that nasty ass box of used, dirty cups and bowls. WHY GO ABOUT IMPLEMENTING A POLICY THIS WAY! It’s just rude, I can name several different situations that this company as acting out in this way. They find nothing wrong with it. What do you think? Am I just a little butt hurt that I had to buy another cup? –Lol- Do you agree with me? Have you experienced something like this? Talk to me



Simple Phone call? Yeah Right!!!

 Ok, (BREATHE) today I received a phone call from a person who calls herself my “friend” {more drama, another post}. Normal right, WRONG! When I first picked up the phone I didn’t even recognize the number, but I instantly caught on to her voice. So of course I’m throwing major shade, I even started acting like I was sleeping. So we started talking and in my head I’m thinking this trick better not ask for money. The only time she calls anyone is when she needs something and we all know how that goes. But of course I asked what’s wrong and here is what I got in a nutshell.

Her current boyfriend kicked her out the house. He pretty much said get your son, your shit and get the fuck out. I guess this is when the fire lit under her butt to take her sons father to court. They wind up going through the process and when they decide the support amount…..


In my head I’m shocked! For one he was bringing in a minimum of 1900 to 2 grand a month after taxes, just to up and quit a job like that is outrageous! Who would really give that up to avoid helping support your son? NOT ME! Is the struggle that real out here that you can’t give a couple of dollars to help out? I’m saying all this because I know him. He has no bills, lives with his mama and catches $2.50 trains and buses to work. Bottom line there is no EXCUSE not to help.  

I don’t think it has anything to do with the child. I think he was hurt how she left him and took his child for the next up and coming street thug. What do you think? Would you leave your job to avoid a court order? Is he wrong for that? Or is she wrong for just doing this for a come up?